10/5 The Bolles School (Upper School) Jacksonville https://www.bolles.org/

10/11 The Bolles School, (Lower School) Ponte Verda Beach https://www.bolles.org/

​10/27 Growing Minds Montessori School, Orlando http://www.growing-minds-montessori.com/


10/18 Brandon Hall School, Atlanta https://brandonhall.org/

10/30 Brandon Hall School, Atlanta https://brandonhall.org/


10/25 Levey Day School, Portland http://leveydayschool.org/


10/4 & 30 Roland Park Country School (Lower School) Baltimore https://www.rpcs.org/page

10/14 Roland Park Country School (Middle & Upper), Baltimore https://www.rpcs.org/page 


10/27 Tilton School, Tilton 



10/14 Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown http://www.mfriends.org/


10/14 Buckley Country Day School, Roslyn https://www.buckleycountryday.com

10/20 Hackley School, Tarrytown https://www.hackleyschool.org

​10/27 The Knox School, St. James https://www.knoxschool.org/


10/14  St. Mary Bayview Academy, Riverside https://www.bayviewacademy.org/


​10/18 Belvoir Christian Academy, Chattanooga https://www.bcalions.org/www


10/24 & 30 St. Catherine's School, Richmond (Lower School) https://www.st.catherines.org


10/22 Community Preschool of the Palisades http://www.palisadespreschooldc.org/home.aspx



11/4 King School, Stamford https://www.kingschoolct.org/

11/17 Educational Playcare, Trumbull https://www.educationalplaycare.com/locations/trumbull/

11/18 Easton Country Day School, Easton http://eastoncountryday.org/


11/2 The Bolles School (Upper School) Jacksonville https://www.bolles.org/

​11/8 Admiral Farragut Academy (Lower School), St. Petersburg https://farragut.org/

​11/11 The First Academy, Orlando https://thefirstacademy.org/admissions/events/

11/6 & 8 The Bolles School (Middle School) Jacksonville https://www.bolles.org/

11/7 The Bolles School (Lower School) Jacksonville https://www.bolles.org/

11/13 The Bolles School (Lower School) Ponte Verde Beach https://www.bolles.org/

11/27 The Bolles School (Lower School) Jacksonville https://www.bolles.org/

​11/28 The First Academy, Orlando https://thefirstacademy.org/admissions/events/


​11/9 Alpharetta Christian Academy,Alpharetta https://alpharettachristianacademy.com/home-2/

11/14 Brandon Hall School, Atlanta https://brandonhall.org/


11/14 Levey Day School, Portland http://leveydayschool.org/


​11/3 Lawrence Academy, Groton https://www.lacademy.edu/

11/4 The Fessenden School (PreK-9), West Newton https://www.fessendenopenhouse.org/

11/4 The Park School, Brookline https://www.parkschool.org​​

​11/15 The Fessenden School (PreK-1), West Newton https://www.fessendenopenhouse.org/


11/17 Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown http://www.mfriends.org/


11/5 Friends Academy (Middle School), Locust Valley https://www.fa.org/

11/6 Friends Academy (Upper School), Locust Valley https://www.fa.org/

11/7 Friends Academy (Lower School), Locust Valley https://www.fa.org/

11/13 The Ideal School (Upper School), NYC 


​11/17 Hackley School, Tarrytown 


11/27 Buckley Country Day School, Roslyn https://www.buckleycountryday.com


11/8 Bishop McGuinness High School, Kernersville 



​11/7,14,21,28 The Walden School, Media http://www.thewaldenschool.org/


11/9 & 28 St. Catherine's School , Richmond (Lower School) https://www.st.catherines.org

11/13 St. Catherine's School, Richmond (Upper School) https://www.st.catherines.org

11/14 St. Catherine's School, Richmond (Middle School) https://www.st.catherines.org



12/1 Educational Playcare,Trumbull https://www.educationalplaycare.com/locations/trumbull/


12/2 Admiral Farragut Academy (Boarding), St. Petersburg https://farragut.org/


12/5 Brandon Hall School, Atlanta https://brandonhall.org/


12/4 Levey Day School, Portland http://leveydayschool.org/


12/5 Roland Park Country School (Lower), Baltimore https://www.rpcs.org/page


12/4 The Fessenden School (PreK-9) West Newton https://www.fessendenopenhouse.org/


12/5,12/19 The Walden School, Media http://www.thewaldenschool.org/



11/27 THe First Academy, Orlando https://thefirstacademy.org/admissions/events/


1/10 Levey Day School, Portland http://leveydayschool.org/


1/25 Concord Hill School, Chevy Chase https://www.concordhill.org/


​1/21 The Gow School, South Wales https://www.gow.org/



2/13 The First Academy, Orlando https://thefirstacademy.org/admissions/events/


2/9 The Knox School, St. James https://www.knoxschool.org/


2/27 Bishop McGuinness High School, Kernersville 


MARCH 2019 


3/3 The First Academy, Orlando https://thefirstacademy.org/


​3/28 Levey Day School, Portland http://leveydayschool.org/


​3/7 Bishop McGuinness High School, Kernersville


​SPRING 2019


Our Montessori School, Yorktown Heights http://www.ourmontessorischool.com/

APRIL 2019


4/6 The Gow School, South Wales https://www.gow.org/

4/10 The Ideal School (Lower School), NYC


4/13 The Knox School, St. James https://www.knoxschool.o

4/17 The Ideal School (Upper School), NYC



​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SCHOOLS AND CHILDCARE


Bright and Early Children's Learning Centers, CT

Middletown 860-635-0544

North Branford 203-483-3000

Old Saybrook 860-388-3000

West Hartford 203-483-0001


Bright & Early is a child care and early education solution in a nurturing and scholastic environment where dedicated teachers are awakening young minds when it matters most.The Bright & Early Curriculum is a unique and proprietary “individual learning system” that has been developed over 17 years to provide a personalized educational experience for each child to realize his or her full potential.

Easton Country Day School, Easton, CT



Easton Country Day School promotes excellence in academic achievement in the context of our motto “Responsibility, Integrity, Community - Praxis." We cultivate mutual respect and kindness in a multicultural environment where we encourage the
development of competent, caring, and responsible citizens.

Educational Playcare, CT

Avon                   860-409-7051       Mansfield             860-477-1244     Ellington                   860-896-5544

Berlin                 860-357-2024        Simsbury             860-651-9339     Glastonbury             860-430-4964

Cheshire             203-872-7876      Trumbull              203-872-7876     Newtown                  203-304-2277

East Hampton   860-365-5587       Wallingford        203-265-0055     Oxford                       203-463-4144

Farmington        860-678-8659      West Hartford (Fenway)   860-519-0383           Park    860-856-9936

Madison             203-245-3123       Windsor               860-580-5280     Windsor (West)        860-359-3735


Educational Playcare, various locations in CT Educational Playcare is proud of their reputation as the provider of the highest-quality educational programs for children that can be found anywhere. They’ve distinguished themselves by providing exceptional services while being at the cutting edge of technology as it applies to childcare and they've maintained those high standards with the quality control that comes from being family owned.

Imagine Nation Museum Early Learning Center, CT


Imagine Nation, A Museum Early Learning Center is a NAEYC Accredited, School Readiness, Reggio-Emilia inspired early learning school! This program includes an affordable, quality school Readiness Preschool Program and a Mixed Age Infant and Toddler Program.

King School, Stamford, CT



King School is a highly selective, PK–Grade 12 co-ed, independent day school with exceptional faculty. Students pursue their passions, engaged by a challenging, student-centered academic program and supported by a kind community. Students are understood as learners and individuals. King graduates succeed in the top colleges and universities and pursue lives of ongoing inquiry and accomplishment.

St. Joseph School, Brookfield, CT

Saint Joseph School offers children a nurturing, warm environment to discover, learn and grow. Our goal is to prepare students for high school, college, and beyond. We focus on teaching Gospel values and believe in leading by example. Our students are at the forefront of all decision making. With Christ as the cornerstone, our students learn to respect one another, demonstrate compassion for others, and lead a life of faith. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities with a focus on enrichment and athletics. Our deep faith is ongoing and apparent throughout the school day.

Our Pre-K4 program offers a full school day. We offer opportunities for children to develop and learn through self-discovery, guided exploration, and positive experiences. We encourage self-expression and awareness while emphasizing social skills, early communication and academic development at each child’s pace.  We welcome the unique contribution that each child brings to our school. Saint Joseph School’s Preschool, emphasizes pre-reading and pre-math skills, verbalization and socialization. Children spend time playing and working with materials and other children.  The Diocese of Bridgeport Curriculum is adapted for those who are advanced, as well as those who need additional support. Teachers recognize that children's different backgrounds and experiences mean that they do not learn the same things at the same time in the same way.
Please contact us to schedule a personal tour.

The Woodhall School, Bethlehem, CT



The mission of The Woodhall School is to provide an opportunity for success to young men of above-average intellectual ability in grades 9-12, who have had difficulties in traditional school environments. The school embraces an individualized approach that allows each student to realize his potential and to take accountability in all areas of his life. This approach includes interpersonal and intrapersonal components that permeate the four pillars of The Woodhall School: Academics, Athletics, Residential Life, and Communications.

Centreville Layton School, Centreville, DE



Centreville Layton School offers a rigorous educational and cultural experience for students who learn
differently. The program identifies academic and social needs of the individual and provides a curriculum that
focuses on problem solving and critical thinking. Through intervention and strengthening learning strategies, the
school empowers each student to reach his or her potential.

Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Petersburg, FL



Admiral Farragut Academy provides a college preparatory environment that promotes academic excellence, leadership skills, and social development within a diverse community of young men and women.

Cambridge Schools

Coral Springs FL 954-796-1177

Pembroke Pines FL 954-430-3388

Wellington FL 561-791-0013

Weston FL 954-217-8566


The purpose of Cambridge Schools is to provide a high quality preschool education, offering a well-balanced program in cognitive development, social emotional development, motor coordination, music and art. 
Cambridge provides an individualized, multi-sensory, hands-on, brains-on approach that ensures that each child’s learning modality is nurtured and challenged.
Our seasoned and experienced professional staff is committed to integrating all learning areas with a balanced, developmental approach to learning.

Growing Minds Montessori School, Orlando, FL



Growing Minds Montessori School's mission is to provide a safe, pleasing, enriched, and nurturing learning and social environment based on Maria Montessori's Philosophy. We strive to offer an environment with intriguing materials, where children regardless of ethnicity and gender can spontaneously investigate, explore and discover. Our approach is responsive to individual learning styles and allows children to learn at their best pace.

Kids Park Childcare & Preschool, Wesley Chapel, FL



Occasionally parents need short term childcare so they may attend adult functions. This could be while attending meetings, running errands, or an evening out. Often time children just need a safe secure place to play with other children. KidsPark meets that need. Parents entrust their children to us on a short-term basis. We are not a full time childcare provider.  We currently serve 10,000+ children.

Our hourly childcare centers are for preschool and school age children. We are a unique childcare solution open days, evenings and weekends. Drop in and use us for an hour or all day. No reservations needed! VPK and Birthday parties available as well!

Pine Crest School

Boca Raton, FL  561-852-2800

Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-492-4100


To offer a challenging academic experience complemented by excellence in the arts and athletics; to develop the character, independence, and leadership of each student; and to provide a collaborative learning community that prepares students to meet the global challenges of our future.

The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL

Bartram Campus 904-732-5700

Ponte Vedra Beach Campus 904-285-4658

San jose Campus 904-733-92929

Whitehurst Campus 904-733-9292


The Bolles School, founded in 1933, focuses on a complete education that emphasizes excellence in academics, the arts, athletics and other activities like clubs and community service. Students can pursue their interests and learn to balance a rich variety of activities. Our rigorous programs prepare students for future success, and 100 percent of our graduating seniors go on to college. 

Our students also learn the importance of self-discipline, respect, personal responsibility and compassion. These values, outlined in the Bolles Honor Code, are vital to campus life. 

The First Academy, Orlando, FL



The First Academy is a Christ-centered, college-preparatory school serving over 1,450 Central Florida students across four academic divisions – Upper School (9th-12th), Middle School (7th-8th), Lower School (K4-6th), and the Extended Educational Programs (Preschool, Homeschool, and Special Needs).

Since our opening in 1987, TFA has continued to grow the academic, fine arts, and athletic programs that have elevated its students to the highest levels of achievement. More importantly, though, as a private school TFA has helped develop its students’ strength of character, leading these young men and women to serve others in their own community and across the globe.

Brandon Hall School, Atlanta, GA



Brandon Hall’s mission as a co-educational, global boarding and day school challenges students to lead lives of Leadership, Scholarship, and Service.  Our community celebrates learning, fosters global citizenship, embraces diversity, encourages athleticism and artistic expression, and inspires students to Find Their Path and Lead The Way™.


Concord Hill School, Chevy Chase, MD



Established in 1965, Concord Hill School is a center of excellence in early childhood education for children Ages 3 through Grade 3. Concord Hill School inspires children to embrace and enjoy learning during the early childhood years. Our Five Core Values—Knowledge, Character, Respect, Play, and Community—guide our dynamic academic and social curriculum. As an inclusive school community, we nurture each child and prepare our students to become responsible, caring, and contributing members of society.

Sandy Spring Friends School, Sandy Spring, MD



Sandy Spring Friends School (SSFS) is a progressive, coed, college preparatory Quaker school for students from preschool (age 3) through 12th grade, with an optional boarding program in the Upper School. Our pastoral 140-acre campus is in the heart of Montgomery County, Maryland. A challenging academic curriculum, enriched arts program, inclusive athletics, and service opportunities promote intellectual excellence and strength of character. Recognizing the unique worth of each person, the School strives to develop individual talents and foster caring and effective citizens of the world.

Longmeadow Montessori Internationale, Longmeadow, MA



Longmeadow Montessori Internationale, Dedicated to the Montessori philosophy fostering academic & personal excellence and cultural & environmental awareness. Full/half-day Preschool thru Kindergarten and before/after school available. 

The Fessenden School, West Newton, MA



The Fessenden School is an independent boys’ boarding and day school for Pre-Kindergarten through 9th grade, located in West Newton, MA. Their mission is to teach, nurture, and celebrate growing boys; cultivating each student’s individual potential and developing in balance his mind, character, heart, and body in an inclusive and joyful community that, through rigor, friendship, and service, reflects Fessenden’s traditional values of honesty, compassion, and respect.

The Park School, Brookline, MA



More than a school, Park is a 10-year educational journey. Through every grade and every semester, students explore, advance, and acquire new insights and abilities—intellectual, moral, and social. Growing up at Park, students develop a sense of poise and confidence. They become collaborative, caring, and contributing individuals who are known and know who they are.
Located on a beautiful 34-acre campus near Jamaica Pond, Park feels like a neighborhood school. Drawing from more than 30 cities and towns, the Park community reflects the diversity of metropolitan Boston. Families speak dozens of languages at home—from Arabic to Urdu—and are encouraged to share their cultures in the classrooms and during community celebrations. We work to build a strong sense of community among people from many different cultural heritages, races, family configurations, financial means, and life experiences. Just as important, we emphasize our shared values of life at Park, and in the world beyond.
We offer after-school programs, transportation, and generous financial aid. To learn more about Park and our Pre-K to Grade VIII program, visit parkschool.org or call 617.277.2456.

Leap Preschool, Concord, NH



All children are loved and cared for in a positively reinforced learning environment that promotes exploration and interaction. Social skills, emotional growth, cognitive reasoning, physical development, creative processes and spiritual growth are critical components of our curriculum. We offer opportunities for children to grow and prepare for kindergarten and lifelong learning.

The Tilton School, Tilton, NH



The Tilton School will be a recognized leader of independent schools, known for creating an environment where its graduates reach their potential in ways that are real and lasting and live fulfilling lives with personal success and active citizenship in the world.
As a result, the most qualified students and families will seek us out, enabling us to reach a student population of 275 and a male/female ratio of 50:50; our graduates will be sought by well-regarded colleges and universities and will be leaders in their communities; our faculty and staff will be inspired and engaged; and our alumni, parents, and friends will provide unprecedented support to our future. Tilton is an independent boarding and day school for grades 9 through PG in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire.

Creative Learning Center, Shrewsbury, NJ



Focusing on the whole child with a strong emphasis on community, the progressive educational approach at Creative Learning Center features a curriculum that respects children and follows their needs and interests. This progressive approach allows children to learn from hands-on experience, giving them a foundation for life with skills such as creative thinking, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, and self-discipline. These skills are essential in navigating today’s complex and rapidly changing world.

The Hudson School, Hoboken, NJ



The Hudson School provides intellectually inquisitive students in grades 5-12 with a rigorous and relevant college-preparatory education that inspires independent thinking and intellectual risk-taking. Our goal is to develop compassionate, responsible, principled citizens who are socially conscious and committed to lifelong learning and service. The school fosters an eclectic and supportive environment that challenges students and faculty to develop their passions and talents through a stimulating, balanced and creative interdisciplinary curriculum.

The Wardlaw and Hartridge School, Edison, NJ



The Wardlaw + Hartridge School prepares students to lead and succeed in a world of global interconnection. We provide an educational atmosphere characterized by academic challenge, rigorous inquiry, support for individual excellence, diversity, and a familial sense of community.

Bright Star Academy, Oceanside, NY



At BRIGHT STAR, your child discovers the joys of learning in a happy, secure and totally non-competitive atmosphere.
We encourage creativity and curiosity. As the children begin to explore the mysteries of the beautiful world around them, an excitement is created which is the foundation of learning. This enjoyment will last a lifetime!
We believe in letting each work individually at his or her own pace. Learning is geared toward the interest of each child. Individual attention is given to those who have special needs and to the gifted learner. The highest standard of child centered education will be offered to fit each child’s learning style. We also specialize in working with families that have concerns dealing with adoption and languages other than English.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Brooklyn, NY



Guided by the philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is a diverse community committed to educational excellence, serving students in preschool through grade 8. At our center is respect for the individual child’s development and potential. 
Our carefully designed environment encourages the student’s natural curiosity. We inspire a love of independent learning and foster critical thinking by engaging students in a challenging and meaningful curriculum.
By encouraging personal responsibility, leadership, and respect for self and others, we teach children to be thoughtful and confident citizens of the School and the world.

Buckley Country Day School, Roslyn, NY



Buckley Country Day School is an independent, coeducational day school providing a superior elementary education to an intellectually capable and diverse student body. Buckley provides the foundation that enables our students to achieve their full potential and excel as educated, ethical, and self-confident individuals. Our graduates are well prepared for entry into, and success in, secondary schools and beyond.

Friends Academy, Locust Valley, NY



FOUNDED IN 1876 by Gideon Frost for "the children of Friends and those similarly sentimented," Friends Academy is a Quaker, coeducational, independent, college-preparatory school for students ages three through twelfth grade. Our philosophy is based onthe principles of integrity, simplicity, patience, moderation, peaceful resolution of conflict, and a belief that the silence and simple ministry of the "gathered meeting" bring the presence of God into the midst of our busy lives. Friends is committed to developing a diverse community whose members value excellence in learning and growth in knowledge and skills. We are also committed to service and ethical action, and to an understanding that every life is to be explored, celebrated and enjoyed in the spirit of the Religious Society of Friends.

Hackley School, Tarrytown, NY



At Hackley, learning occurs inside classrooms, art studios, libraries, and practice rooms, on the boarding corridor, playground, practice fields, and dining hall. It grows out of our strong sense of community and thrives on the perspectives discovered through daily contact between members of our K-12 community. Our mission seeks to bring different voices and experiences into the conversation so we may learn from one another and build an inclusive community.

Iona Prep, New Rochelle, NY



Iona Preparatory School is a Catholic community inspired by the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice as expressed in the Essential Elements of a Christian Brothers Education. We develop young men into moral and ethical leaders who are dedicated to Christian service and who strive for spiritual, intellectual and physical excellence.

Our Montessori School, Yorktown, Yorktown Heights, Carmel, NY



Our Montessori School in Yorktown and Carmel has been offering quality care and education since 1972. We provide programs for infants, toddlers, nursery and kindergarten -age children as well as an elementary school that goes through the sixth grade.

Our child-to-teacher ratio is excellent and averages six to one. Classes use the Montessori learning materials, which are designed to teach concepts in a concrete way, then help the child make the leap from the concrete to the abstract. Our primary aim is to preserve the child's natural curiosity and nourish and encourage the love of learning that is present in each child. Children learn respect for each other and the environment and develop confidence and a "can-do" attitude through many small successes.

The Gow School, South Wales, NY



The Gow School is a  college-prep boarding and day school for students, grades 6-12, with dyslexia and similar language-based learning disabilities.The Gow School is accredited by the National Association of Independent School (NAIS), the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) and the InternationalMultisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC). Gow is a member of The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) and the Learning Disabilities Association (LDA).

The Ideal School, NYC



At The IDEAL School of Manhattan, every student is guided and encouraged to be intellectually curious while progressing along individual lines of academic growth. Academic excellence is the goal for all students and our small class sizes, low student-teacher ratios, highly individualized instruction, project-based learning, and interdisciplinary work enable teachers to engage them in ways that promote intellectual growth and independence.

The Knox School, St. James, NY



The Knox School is an independent college preparatory boarding and day school located on a beautiful waterfront campus on the North Shore of Long Island. Our mission is to foster academic, intellectual, and character development within a liberal arts program infused with artistic and athletic pursuits.


Bishop McGuiness High School, Kernersville, NC



Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School’s primary mission is to develop students holistically and equip them to live and serve in a complex world in need of peace, love, and justice.

​Tumblebees Learning Center Preschool, Greensboro, NC



Tumblebees Ultimate Gym has been serving families in the Greensboro area for 30 years in the physical education and development of it’s children through the sports of gymnastics and tumbling. Learning and movement go hand in hand! Participation in gymnastics has been proven to enhance the development of the brain, which in turn can lead to success in academic learning. Your children will explore their world by opening up exciting doors of movement, confidence and friendship while learning to excel at the THREE ‘BEES’ of the Tumblebees Learning Center Preschool:

Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown, PA



Welcome to the Jewish Day School, a community school of the Lehigh Valley. Here, learning is a life-long journey embarked upon in partnership with family, school and community: therefore, everyone with whom a student interacts serves as a guide to help negotiate the path to success.

The Walden School, Media, PA



The Walden School, a preschool through eighth grade independent school, promotes a high standard of academics in a peaceful and caring learning environment. Walden nurtures the whole child, ignites intellectual curiosity, and fosters independence in a culture of deep and abiding respect.

Greenwood Montessori School, Warwick, RI



Greenwood Montessori School is committed to guiding children physically, spiritually, academically and socially as they grow in age, wisdom and grace. We encourage an atmosphere of trust, kindness and respect and endeavor to nurture each child’s independence, love of learning, and positive sense of self and others. Greenwood Montessori School, a private preschool in Rhode Island, is a non-denominational Christian community that aims to foster competent, responsible, adaptive citizens who are life-long learners and problem-solvers. In addition, we seek to help children gain an understanding of God, according to their curiosity and needs and to see their important role both in the classroom and in the world. We welcome children of all racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds and do not discriminate on the basis of such in our admissions process. We believe in the importance of parental involvement in support of children’s development and learning and are, therefore, open to suggestions, new ideas and continual growth.

Middlebridge School, Narragansett, RI



A coeducational boarding and day program for students ages 13-18, and postgraduates, with learning differences. Highly individualized education promotes students' academic, social and emotional growth, and fosters a life-long love of learning.

St. Mary Academy-Bay View, Riverside, RI



The Academy was founded by the Religious Sisters of Mercy in 1874. Bay View’s campus is located in Riverside, Rhode Island, five miles east of the state Capitol building. The enrollment of the school is 600 girls and young women in grades pre-kindergarten through twelve. Middle and Upper School students are selected on the basis of a rigorous entrance examination as well as superior academic achievement.
Students are drawn from cities and towns throughout Rhode Island, Southeastern Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut. The Academy also enrolls international students through a variety of international agencies, providing both dormitory and host family housing.
Bay View welcomes and appreciates the community enrichment that ethnic, cultural and religious diversity provide.

Hammond School, Columbia, SC



The mission of Hammond School is to instill in students a commitment to academic excellence and a recognition of individual potential that will contribute to the development of their characters.

Belvoir Christian Academy, Chattanooga, TN



Belvoir Christian Academy has been serving Chattanooga-area families since 1887. In addition to our PK3-8th grade program, BCA offers child care for infants ages six weeks through three years of age through its Christian Children's Center. The Center is housed on the BCA campus, with rooms dedicated to these age groups. We offer a year-round program, closed only for major holidays, and open weekdays from 6:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. To request a tour or packet of information, contact our Admissions counselor at 423.622.3755, ext. 18, or visit BCALIONS.org. The school is located just off I-24, 800 Belvoir Ave., Chattanooga, TN 37412.

Christian Academy of Knoxville, Knoxville TN 



Christian Academy of Knoxville is a private, college-preparatory school serving the Knoxville and East Tennessee area since 1977. CAK prides itself in presenting a rigorous curriculum while simultaneously teaching a Biblical world view. Classes are available beginning at age 3½ continuing through 12th grade with the graduating class averaging 115 students each year. Serving the whole child through an extensive offering of fine arts, athletics, mission opportunities, community service, and academic exploration, the students at CAK thrive in this nurturing, Christ-centered environment. Come see what we’re all about by visiting us during an admissions event, an athletic competition, an arts performance, or by scheduling a private tour … we’d love to meet you! For more information, visit: www.cakwarriors.com, or contact the Admissions Office: 865-690-4721 x5.  

​St. Catherine's School, Richmond, VA



St. Catherine's, a Church School in the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, offers girls age 3 through grade 12 a rigorous college preparatory education through a community of teachers and staff committed to fostering the development of the mind, body and spirit. The ultimate aim of the school is to prepare girls of diverse perspectives for leadership and service in a global community.

The Community Preschool of the Palisades. Washington, DC



The Community Preschool of the Palisades is a play-based preschool providing high quality education for children in a caring environment.  We value the child as a whole person and seek to promote all aspects of his or her growth.  Our play-based learning model encourages children’s natural curiosity and creative thinking in a safe, nurturing setting.  We focus on positive social-emotional development in guiding children’s interactions with their teachers and peers.  With more than 30 years of experience serving children ages 2 to 5 years, the Preschool has inspired generations of confident learners to explore, discover and understand the world around them.  Visitwww.palisadespreschooldc.org to learn more about our Preschool. 

Greenbrier Academy for Girls, Pence Springs, WV



The culture and structure of Greenbrier synthesizes method and philosophy into what is called strong relationality. Relationship for us is more than an instrument to accomplish fundamental therapeutic goals. Quality, sound relationships are the ultimate therapeutic goal and the dynamics of relationships are the most powerful instruments. As this is applicable to all areas of life, it is a dual focus at Greenbrier Academy in academic excellence and therapeutic discovery.



​Cahawba Christian Academy, Centreville http://www.cahawbachristianacademy.com/

Canterbury Day School, Birmingham http://www.canterburyumc.org/dayschool

​Central Christian School, Robertsdale http://www.ccssaints.com/

Clarke Prep School, Grove Hill http://www.clarkeprepschool.us/

​Covenant Christian School, Tuscumbia http://www.ccseagles.com/

​Crenshaw Christian Academy, Luverne http://crenshawchristianacademy.com/

Highlands School, Birmingham https://www.highlandsschool.org

Meadowbrook Abundant Childcare, Oxford http://www.mbcoxford.org/ministries/meadowbrook-daycare/

Randolph School, Huntsville https://www.randolphschool.net/

​Tannehill Child Development Center, McCalla http://www.tannehillchildcare.com/

The Growing Roon, Auburn, Opelika https://www.growingroomusa.com/

Birch Mountain Day School, Manchester http://www.birchmountaindayschoolct.com/

Bright and Early Children's Learning Centers, Middletown, North Branford, Old Saybrook, West Hartford


Building Blocks Early Learning Center, Shelton, Stamford, Wilton http://blockslearning.com/​​

​Cabbage Patch Nursey, Ridgefield http://www.mynurseryschool.com/

Children's Creative Learning Center, Cheshire http://www.cheshirecclc.com/

Christian Life Academy, Brookfield http://brookfieldcla.org/

Easton Country Day School, Easton http://eastoncountryday.org/
Educational Playcare, various http://www.educationalplaycare.com/#
Farmington Valley Academy Montessori, Avon http://www.fvamontessori.org/
Five Mile River Nursery School, Darien http://www.fivemilerivernurseryschool.com/​​

Immaculate High School, Danbury http://www.immaculatehs.org/
Imagination Nation Museum Early Learning Center, Bristol http://imaginenation.org/School/

Indian Mountain School, Lakeville https://www.indianmountain.org

Kaleidoscope Kids, Ridgefield http://www.kaleidoscopekidschildcare.com/

King School, Stamford https://www.kingschoolct.org/admission/visit-campus​
Oak Grove Montessori School, Mansfield http://www.ogms.org/home

Oxford Academy, Westbrook https://www.oxfordacademy.net/
St. Joseph School, Brookfield (Pre-K -8)  http://www.sjsbrookfield.org/
St. Edward School (The Whole Child Academy), Stafford Springs 
St. Paul's Hilltopn Christian Nursery School, Torrington

​The Goddard School, Brookfield http://www.goddardschool.com/nj-ny/brookfield-production-drive-ct

The Gunnery, Washington http://www.gunnery.org/

The Preschool of West Hartford http://www.thepreschoolofwesthartford.com/
The School for Young Children, West Hartford http://ww2.usj.edu/syc/

The Toddler Patch, West Hartford http://www.thetoddlerpatch.com/

The Woodhall School, Bethlehem http://woodhallschool.org/

​Winston Prepatory School, Norwalk http://www.winstonprep.edu/our-campuses/ct/


All Saints Catholic School, Wilmington http://www.ascsde.org/
Aquinas Academy, Bear http://www.aquinasacademy.net/

Archmere Academy, Claymont http://www.archmereacademy.com/page
Avenue Preschool, Milford http://www.avenuepreschool.org/
Beginnings and Beyond, Dover http://www.beginnings-beyond.com/
Bright Beginnings Preschool, Middletown http://brightbeginningspreschools.com/

Cacc Montessori School, Hockessin http://www.caccmont.org/

Calvary Christian Academy, Dover http://www.wearecca.com/
Caravel Academy, Bear http://www.caravel.org/
Celebree Learning Centers, Bear http://www.celebree.com/
Centreville Layton School, Centreville http://centrevillelayton.org/

Concord Christian Academy, Wilmington http://concordchristian.com/

Concord Preschool & Childcare, Wilmington http://concordpreschoolandchildcare.com/

Fairwinds Christian School, Bear http://www.fairwindsbaptist.com/school/home.html
Green Acres Preschool, Odessa http://www.greenacrespreschool.net/
Kids Cottage, Dover, Rehoboth http://www.kidscottage.com/
Li'l Einsteins Learning Academy, Bear, Newark
Lil' Red Hen Nursery & Preschool, Delmar http://www.lilredhen.com/
My First Steps Preschool, Milford, Lincoln http://www.myfirststepspreschool.com/
Newark Montessori, Newark http://www.newarkmontessori.org/
Sanford School, Hockessin http://www.sanfordschool.org/podium/default.aspx?t=131978
Tatnall School, Wilmington https://www.tatnall.org/
The Breakfast Club, Milford http://tbcchildcarecenter.com/

The Independence School, Newark http://www.theindependenceschool.org/
Tower Hill School, Wilmington http://www.towerhill.org/page

​University of Delaware Labratory Preschool, Newark http://www.labpreschool.udel.edu/
Ursuline Academy, Wilmington http://www.ursuline.org/
Wilmington Friends School, Wilmington http://www.wilmingtonfriends.org/


Academy at the Lakes, Land O' Lakes http://academyatthelakes.org/

Admiral Farragut Academy, St. Petersburg https://www.farragut.org/
All Saints School, Winter Park http://allsaintsschoolwp.com/

Bayshore Christian School, Tampa http://www.bayshorechristianschool.org/

Cambridge Schools, Coral Springs, Pembroke Pines, Wellington, Weston
Coconut Grove Montessori, Coconut Grove http://www.cgrovemontessori.com/
Growing Minds Montessori School, Orlando http://growing-minds-montessori.com/
Home Away From Home CLC, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach


Jack + Jill Preschool, Fernandia Beach http://www.jacknjillpreschool.com/
Kendall Academy, Vero Beach http://kendallacademy.com/
Key Point Christian Academy, Miami http://www.keypointacademybrickell.com/
Kids Park, Jacksonville http://www.kidspark.com/center/Jacksonville/welcome/

Kids Park, Welsey Chapel http://www.kidspark.com/Tampa
Kids R Kids Academy, Wesley Chapel http://www.kidsrkidsmeadowpointe.com/
My First Academy, Kissimmee, Orlando http://my1stacademy.com/
Montessori Ivy League Academy, Pembroke Pines 

Pine Crest School, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale https://www.pinecrest.edu/page

St. Paul's School, Clearwater https://www.clearwatersindependentschool.org/
Star Child Academy various, Orlando metro http://www.starchildacademy.com/

The Bolles School, Jacksonville http://www.bolles.org/

The First Academy, Orlando http://thefirstacademy.org/


Alpharetta Christian Academy, Alpharetta http://alpharettachristianacademy.com/home-2/
Applegate Academy, Stockbridge, Jonesboro http://www.applegateacademy.com/

Athens Academy, Athens http://www.athensacademy.org/home

​Augusta Prepatory Day School, Martinez http://www.augustaprep.org/home

Blessed Trinity Catholic HS, Roswell https://www.btcatholic.org/
Blue Ridge Preschool & Daycare, Evans 

Brandon Hall School, Atlanta https://brandonhall.org/

Brenwood Academy, Canton http://brenwoodacademy.com/
Briarwood Academy, Warrenton

Brightview Academy, Cartersville http://www.brightviewacademy.com/
Brookstone School, Columbus

Camelot Christian Academy, Rex http://camelotca.com/
Carrington Academy, Alpharetta, Cumming http://www.carringtonacademy.com/
Cornerstone Christian Academy,Peachtree Corners

Creekside Christian Academy, McDonough http://creeksidecougars.com/mainsite/

Darlington School, Rome http://www.darlingtonschool.org/
First Presbyterian Preschool, Atlanta http://firstprespreschoolatl.org/

​Frederica Academy, Saint Simmons Island http://www.fredericaacademy.org/

​Fullington Academy, Pinehurst http://www.fullingtonacademy.com/

Fulton Science Academy, Alpharetta http://fultonscienceacademy.org/

George Walton Academy, Monroe http://www.gwa.com/
Hebron Christian Academy, Dacula http://www.hebronlions.org/
Holy Innocents Episcopal School, Atlanta 

Kids R Kids Academy, Duluth http://www.kidsrkidsduluth.com/
King's Ridge Christian School, Alpharetta

Joyland Child Development Center, Gainesville http://joylandchildren.com/
Lafayette Christian School, LaGrange

Lakeview Academy, Gainesville http://www.lakeviewacademy.com/page/Home
Lifesong Montessori School, Cartersville http://www.lifesongmontessori.com/
Lithia Christian Academy, Lithia Springs http://www.lithiachristianacademy.com/
Little Angels Preschool & Childcare, Jonesboro http://littleangels.school/
Little Linguuists International Preschool, Decatur, East Point
Little Ones Academy of Preschool & Daycare, Athens http://www.littleonesacademy.com/

Marist School, Atlanta https://www.marist.com/page

McGinnis Woods Country Day School, Alpharetta http://www.mcginniswoods.org/
Mill Springs Academy, Alpharetta https://www.millsprings.org/

Mt. Paran Christian School, Kennesaw http://www.mtparanschool.com/
Mt. Pisgah Christian School, Johns Creek http://www.experiencepisgah.org/
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Atlanta

Notre Dame Academy, Duluth http://www.ndacademy.org/
North Cobb Christian School, Kennesaw

Open Door Preschool, Augusta http://www.opendoorpreschool.com/
Peachtree Prak Prep, Alpharetta, Johns Creek http://www.peachtreeparkprep.com/
Pinecrest Academy, Cumming 

Risen Savior Christian Academy, Pooler
Smart Starts DaySchool, Gainesville http://www.smartstartsdayschool.com/
St. Andrew's School, Savannah http://www.saintschool.com/
St. James Catholic School. Savannah http://www.sjcs-savannahga.org/

Stratford Academy, Macon https://www.stratford.org/

​The Children's School, Atlanta http://www.tcsatl.org/

​The Davis Academy, Atlanta http://www.davisacademy.org/

The Galloway School, Atlanta http://www.gallowayschool.org/

The Heritage School, Newman http://www.heritageschool.com/
The Walker School, Marietta 

Woodward Academy, College Park https://www.woodward.edu/


Christ the King School, Lexington https://ctkschool.net/

Community Christian Academy, Paducah https://www.ccapaducah.org/

Kentucky Day School, Louisville https://www.kcd.org

Louisville Collegiate School, Louisville https://louisvillecollegiate.org/

Sayre School, Lexington https://www.sayreschool.org

The de Paul School, Louisville https://www.depaulschool.org/

The Lexington School, Lexington ​​https://www.thelexingtonschool.org/page

Walden School, Louisville https://walden-school.org/

Breakwater School, Portland http://school.breakwaterlearning.org/
Busy Bees Childcare, Eliot http://www.mainepreschool.com/
Levy Day School, Portland 
Seacoast Waldorf School, Eliot http://seacoastwaldorfschool.org/
The Academy for Active Learners, Westbrook http://theacademyforactivelearners.com/

Watch Me Shine, Bangor http://watchmeshine.net/
Waynflete School, Portland https://www.waynflete.org/

Celebree Learning Centers, throughout MD 
Chestnut Grove Child Development Center, Phoenix 
Child's Garden Learning Center, Columbia 
Concord Hill School, Chevy Chase http://www.concordhill.org/

Garrison Forest School, Owings Mills https://www.gfs.org/

Glenelg Country School, Ellicott City https://www.glenelg.org/page

Glenwood Country Day School, Woodbine (age 2-Pre-First)
Glenwood Academy,  (Grades 1-12) Mount Airy 
Good Shepherd Catholic School, Perryville https://www.goodshepherdschool.net/
Forest Hill Nursey School, Forest Hill 
Grace Episcopal Day School, Kensington

Highland Park Christian Academy, Landover http://hpchristianacademy.org/

Kids Campus Early Learning Center, Dunkirk http://www.thekidscampus.com/
Lil' Einsteins Learning Center, Chesapeake City, Elkton https://www.lelaonline.com/

Little Stars Child Development Center, Suitland http://littlestarscdc.com/
Magic Moments Early Learning Center, Rosedale, Towson, Owings Mills
McLean School, Potomac http://www.mcleanschool.org/page

Millenials Learning Center, Windsor Mill http://www.millennialsacademy.com/

Oldfields School, Sparks Glencoe http://www.oldfieldsschool.org/

Roland Park Country School, Baltimore https://www.rpcs.org/page

St. Charles Children's Learning Center, La Plata http://csmd.edu/clc/
St. James School, Hagerstown http://www.stjames.edu/

St. John's Episcopal School, Olney https://www.stjes.com/

St. Mary's School, Bryantown http://www.bryantown.org/
St. Paul's School for Girls, Brooklandville 

Sandy Spring Friends School, Sandy Spring https://www.ssfs.org/

Severn School, Severna Park https://www.severnschool.com/page

Southern Maryland Christian Academy, White Plains
The Calverton School, Huntingtown

The Key School, Annapolis http://www.keyschool.org/

The Siena School, Silver Spring https://www.thesienaschool.org/
The Tome School, North East 
The Woods Academy, Bethesda http://www.woodsacademy.org/

Tri State Christian Academy, Elkton http://www.tristatechristian.org/
Trinity School, Ellicott City http://www.trinityschoolmd.org/

Washington Waldorf School, Bethesda https://www.washingtonwaldorf.org/

Watch Me Grow Child Development Center, Clarksburg 
West Nottingham Academy, Colora

Whole Kids Academy, Bethesda http://www.wholekidsacademy.com/

ABC Nursery School, Chelmsford http://www.abcnurserychelmsford.com/
Academy For Little People, Leominster 
Applewild School, Fitchburg, Devens 
Ashmont Nursery School, Dorchester 
Belchertown Day School, Belchertown 
Belmont Hill School, Belmont

Berkshire Country Day School, Stockbridge http://berkshirecountryday.org/
Bright Promises Preschool, Osterville 
Cambridge Nursery School, Cambridge 
Chapel Hill Chauncey Hall School, Waltham

Clark School, Rowley http://www.clarkschool.com/

Commonwealth School, Boston https://www.commschool.org/

Country Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten, Sutton http://countrymontessori.com/
Cushing Academy, Ashburnham

Dana Hall School, Wellesley https://www.danahall.org/page

Davenport Childcare & Preschool, Chesterfield http://www.davenportchildcare.org/
Dedham Country Day School, Dedham

Derby Academy, Hingham https://www.derbyacademy.org/page

Dexter Southfield School, Brookline http://www.dextersouthfield.org/

Fay School, Southborough https://www.fayschool.org/
First Steps Early Learning Center, Medford 
Hancock Nursery School, Lexington 
Happy Child Day Care Center, Newton 

Lawrence Academy, Groton http://www.lacademy.edu/

Lesley Ellis School, Arlington http://www.lesleyellis.org/how-we-learn
Little Children Schoolhouse, Brookline 
Little Learners Child Care Center, North Andover 
Little Sprouts, various locations https://www.littlesprouts.com/
Longmeadow Montessori Interantionale 
Middlesex School, Concord https://www.mxschool.edu/

Miss Hall's School, Pittsfield https://www.misshalls.org/page

Monument Square Early Childhood Center, North Adams
Mrs. Murray's Preschool, Newburyport 
Northfield Mount Hermon, Mount Hermon https://www.nmhschool.org/

Notre Dame Academy, Hingham https://www.ndahingham.com/

Pingree School, South Hamilton https://www.pingree.org/

Pioneer Valley Christian Academy, Springfield http://pvcama.org/
Play Learn Preschool, Worcester 
Preschool Social Academy, Winchester 
Puckihuddle Preschool, Sutton 
St. Mark's School, Southborough

St. Mary's Catholic School, Mansfield http://stmarymansschool.org/
Shore Country Day School, Beverly https://shoreschool.myschoolapp.com/page/home?siteId=910&ssl=1#

Sunshine Nursery School, Arlington http://sunshinens.org/
Teddy Bear Club Preschool, Newton, Lincoln 
The Advent School, Boston

The Apple Orchard School, Brookline http://appleorchardschool.org/
The Children's Workshop, various 
The Common School, Amherst 

The Fessenden School, West Newton http://www.fessenden.org/Page

The Giving Tree School, Gill http://givingtreeschool.org/

The Rivers School, Weston https://www.rivers.org/page

The Sage School, Foxboro https://sageschool.org/

The Woodward School, Quincy http://www.thewoodwardschool.org/

The Park School, Brookline http://www.parkschool.org/page

The Pike School, Andover http://www.pikeschool.org/

The Ponds Childcare Center & Preschool, Plymouth http://pondschildcare.com/
Wellesley Nursery School in the Hills, Wellesley Hills 
Whiz Kids Children's Learning Center, Marstons Mills 
Williamstown Community Preschool, Williamstown 

​Xaverian Brothers High School, Westwood https://www.xbhs.com/page

Acorn School, Stratham http://www.acornschoolnh.com/
Apple Seeds Day School, Exeter http://www.appleseedsdayschool.com/
Blocks to Books Children's Center, Raymond
Brewster Academy, Wolfeboro 
Clubhouse Daycare, Derry http://www.theclubhousechildcare.com/
Country Club for Kids, Fremont http://www.countryclubforkids.com/#!totspot/c1k9p
Country Village Montessori School, Amherst http://countryvillagemontessori.com/
Create and Discover Learning Center, Salem 

Early Start Learning Academy, Hudson http://www.earlystartlearningacademy.com/
Exeter Day School, Exter http://www.exeterdayschool.com/
Green Mountain Children's Center, Lebanon, Claremont  http://www.gmccvt.org/
Green Valley School, Pembroke http://www.greenvalleyschool.com/
Hampstead Academy, Hampstead http://www.hampsteadacademy.org/Page/1
Hampstead Village Preschool, Hampstead http://hampsteadvillagepreschool.com/
High Mowing School, Wilton

Indian River Nursery School, Cannan http://www.indianrivernurseryschool.org/
Kimball Union Academy, Meriden 

Leap Preschool, Concord http://www.tbcnh.org/leap/
Little Sprouts, various 
Live and Learn Early Learning Center, Lee http://www.live-learn.org/
Lyme Nursery School, Lyme http://lymenurseryschool.org/
Noah's Ark Childcare Center, Manchester http://www.noahsarknh.org/#
Philips Exeter academy, Exeter http://www.exeter.edu/

Portsmouth Christian Academy, Dover https://pcaschool.org/
Ralph Waldo Emerson School for Preschoolers, Concord
St. Benedict Academy, Manchester http://www.stbenedictacademy.org/
St. Joseph Regional Catholic School, Salem http://www.stjosepheagles.org/

St. Patrick School, Portsmouth http://www.stpatsweb.com/
Shaker Road School, Concord http://www.shakerroad.com/
Step Ahead Learning Center, Concord http://www.stepaheadlearning.org/
The Beech Hill School, Hopkinton http://www.thebeechhillschool.org/

The Derryfield School, Manchester https://www.derryfield.org/page

The Tilton School, Tilton https://www.tiltonschool.org/page

Wee Play School, Manchester http://www.weeplayschool.com/
White Mountain School, Bethlehem 

Wise Owl Preschool, Nashua http://www.wiseowlpreschool.com/
Wolfeboro Nursery School, Wolfeboro Falls http://www.wolfeboronurseryschool.org/

A Child's Place School, Lincroft http://www.achildsplaceschool.com/
Above and Beyond Childcare Center, Highland Park
Abundant Life Child Development Center, Keyport http://www.abundantlifecdc.org/
Apple Montessori Schools, multiple locations

Apples & Books Learning Center, Branchburg http://www.applesbooks.com/

Barnstable Academy, Oakland http://www.barnstableacademy.com/
Beginners First Academy, Weymouth http://www.bfa.comcastbiz.net/index2.html
Bell's Little Learners, Paramus, Westwood http://bellslittlelearners.com/
Blair Academy, Blairstown

Bridges to Learning Child Development Center, Rockaway
Building Blocks Learning Center, Sicklerville

Cedar Hill Prep, Somerset http://cedarhillprep.com/

Chatham Day School, Chatham  http://www.chathamdayschool.org/

Children's Center Preschool & Kindergarten, Blairstown
Christian Brothers Academy, Lincroft https://www.cbalincroftnj.org/

Clendinning Nursery School, Nursery School, Nutley http://www.daycare-service.com/
Collegiate School, Passaic 

Cornerstone School, Summit http://www.cornerstonekids.org/

Creative Learning Center, Shrewsbury http://creativelearningcenternj.com/
Cumberland Christian School, Vineland http://www.cccrusader.org/
Delbarton School, Morristown http://www.delbarton.org/

Doane Academy, Burlington https://www.doaneacademy.org/

Early Learning Academy, Jersey City http://www.elasacademy.com/
Early Years Preschool, Little Silver http://www.earlyyearspreschool.net/
Far Brook School, Short Hills

First Friends Child Development Center, Hunterdon
Forever Young Child Care Learning Center, Clementon 

Foundations Preschool, Annandale http://www.foundationspreschool.org/
Future Generation Early Learning Center, Bloomfield, Colts Neck 

Gill St. Bernard's School, Gladstone http://www.gsbschool.org/page

Gloucester Country Christian School, Sewell http://www.gccs.co/

Hildebrandt Learning Centers, various http://www.hildebrandtlearningcenters.com/
Kent Place School, Summit http://www.kentplace.org/page

Kid Academy Learning Center, various http://www.kidacademy.com/
Kidz Campus Childcare & Preschool, Absecon http://www.kidz-campus.com/
Ivy Hill Preschool, Rumson http://www.ivyhillpreschool.com/
Les Enfants Preschool, Palisades Park 

Little Hudson Academy, West New York http://www.littlehudsonacademy.com/

Mendham Country Day School, Basking Ridge http://www.mendhamcountrydayschool.com/

Montgomery Academy, Basking Ridge http://www.montgomeryacademyonline.org/
Moorestown Friends School, Moorestown

Morristown-Beard School, Morristown https://www.mbs.net/

Mt. Saint Mary Acaemy, Watchung https://www.mountsaintmary.org/

Our Lady of Sorrows School, Hamilton http://www.olsschool.us/

Over the Rainbow Child Development Center, Bordentown http://www.overtherainbowcdc.com/

Palisades Childcare Center, North Bergen https://www.palisadeschildcarecenter.org/

Pingry School, Basking Ridge https://www.pingry.org/

Princeton Academy of the Sacred Heart, Princeton https://www.princetonacademy.org/

Ranney School. Titon Falls http://www.ranneyschool.org/

Rumson Country Day School, Rumson http://www.rcds.org/
St. James Preschool, Montclair http://www.stjamespreschoolnj.com/
St. Peter's Nursery School, Essex Fells http://stpetersnurseryschool.com/

Seashore Day Camp & School, Long Branch http://seashorecampandschool.com/

Shore Academy, Point Pleasant http://shoreacademypreschool.com/
Smart Start Preschool, Fairhaven http://www.smartstartpreschool.org/
Square One Kids Academy, Oakland

Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Princeton http://www.stuartschool.org/

Sunshire Preschool & Infant Care, Basking Ridge http://www.sunshinepreschool.net/

The Albrook School, Basking Ridge http://www.albrookschool.org/
The Giving Nest Preschool & Kindergarten, North Plainfield, Watchung, Martinsville, Bridgewater,

The Hudson School, Hoboken https://www.thehudsonschool.org/

The Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville https://www.lawrenceville.org/page

The Pennington School, https://www.pennington.org/

The Wardlaw + Hartridge School, Edison https://www.whschool.org/

Villa Walsh Academy, Morristown http://www.villawalsh.org/s/172/start.aspx

Warren http://www.givingnestpreschool.com/
Trinity Episcopal Preschool, Moorestown http://www.trinityepiscopalpreschool.com/
Villa Victoria Academy, Ewing Township

West Side Nursery School, Ridgewood http://www.westsidenurseryschool.org/

Winston Prepatory School, Whippany http://www.winstonprep.edu/our-campuses/nj/
Woodland Country Day School, Bridgeton http://www.wcdsnj.org/

Alcott Montessori School, Dobbs Ferry, Scarsdale http://alcottschool.org/

All Aboard Childcare, Ossining, Valhalla http://www.allaboardchildcare.com/
All My Children Daycare & Nursery School, NYC, Queens, Brooklyn
Alphabet Kids Nursery School, Babylon http://alphabetkidspreschool.com/
Ann and  Andy Childcare, Elmsford http://www.annandandychildcare.com/

Battery Park Montessori, NYC https://www.batteryparkmontessori.com/
Beansprouts Nursery School, Brooklyn http://beansproutsnurseryschool.com/
Bedrock Preschool. Riverdale http://www.bedrockpreschool.com/

Berkeley Carroll School, Brooklyn https://www.berkeleycarroll.org/
Blue Rock School, West Nyack

Brick Church School, NYC https://www.brickchurchschool.org/

Brighter Babies Early Learning Center, Long Island City
Brightside Academy, various http://www.brightsideacademy.com/
Brooklyn Friends School, Brooklyn http://brooklynfriends.org/

Brooklyn Heights Montessori http://www.bhmsny.org/
Bright Star Academy, Oceanside

Buckle My Shoe Preschool, NYC https://www.bucklemyshoe.org/

Buckley Country Day School, Roslyn http://www.buckleycountryday.com/
Bumble Bees R Us Childcare, Brooklyn, Staten Island http://bumblebeesrus.com/
Central Queens Y, Forest Hills, Little Neck http://www.cqy.org/child-care/
Children's Harbor Montessori School, Staten Island 
Clifton Park Nursey School http://www.cliftonparknurseryschool.org/

Columbus Pre School, NYC https://columbuspre-school.com/

Doodlebugs Children's Learning Academy, Cheektowaga, Clarence, East Amherst, Greece, Henrietta, 

Lancaster, Orchard Park, Penfield, Victor, Webster, West Amherst https://www.doodlebugs.com/

Dutchess Day School. Millbrook http://www.dutchessday.org/

Dwight School, NYC https://www.dwight.edu/

East End Kids Academy, Manorville http://www.eastendkidsacademy.com/
East River Child Development Center, NYC http://eastrivercdc.org/

Explore + Discover Early Learning Center, NYC http://www.explorediscover.net/
Friends Academy, Locust Valley

Grace Episcopal Day School, Massapequa http://www.gracedayschool.org/

Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge https://www.gmws.org/

Growing Tree Nursery School, Roslyn http://www.growingtreenurseryschool.com/
Harbor Child Care, various Long Island http://www.harborchildcare.com/infant.html

High Meadow School, Stone Ridge http://www.highmeadowschool.org/

Horace Mann School, Bronx http://www.horacemann.org/
Iona Prep, New Rochelle http://www.ionaprep.org/
Kids Clubhouse Preschool, Warwick http://www.kidsclubhouse.biz/
Kids Kottage, Carmel, Mahopac Falls http://www.kidskottage.com/
Kildonan School, Amenia 

Koala Park Daycare, Tuckahoe http://www.koalaparkdaycare.com/
Landmark Preschool, Bedford
Learning Bees, Ozone Park http://www.learningbees.com/
LIC Kids, Long Island City http://www.lickids.com/
Little Elms Childcare Center, Elmhurst 
Little Harvard, New Windsor http://www.littleharvard.org/
Little Learners of Westchester, Cortlandt Manor

Long Island Lutheran Day School, East Northport http://www.ludaynorthport.org/

Long Island Lutheran  Middle & High School, Brookville http://www.longislandlutheran.org/

Lomg Island Montessori School, Westbury http://www.longislandmontessorischool.com/
Mini World Preschool, Staten Island http://www.miniworldpreschool.com/
Mohawk Country Day School, White Plains http://www.mohawkcountrydayschool.com/

Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, New Paltz http://mountainlaurel.org/

Mount Kisco Childcare Center, Mount Kisco http://mkccc.org/
Noah's Ark Nursery School, Centerport http://www.noahsarkcenterport.com/

Our Montessori School, Yorktown, Yorktown Heights, Carmel http://ourmontessorischool.com/index.html
Preschool of the Arts, NYC http://nycpreschool.org/

Poughkeepsie Day School, Poughkeepsie https://poughkeepsieday.org/

Red Robin Country Day School & Camp, Westbury


Riverdale Country Day School, Bronx http://www.riverdale.edu/

Rockland Country Day Scjhool, Congers http://www.rocklandcds.org/Home/Home

Ross Corners Christian School, Academy, Vestal  https://www.rosscornerschristianacademy.org/

Sacred Heart School, New Windsor http://www.shsnewburgh.org/

Sappo School, Commack https://sapposchool.com/
School of the Holy Child, Rye 

Soundview Prep, Yorktown Heights http://www.soundviewprep.org/

Stepping Stone Preschool, Cohoes

Storm King School, Cornwall-on-Hudson https://sks.org/

Summit School, Nyack https://www.summitnyack.com/

The Calhoun School, NYC http://www.calhoun.org/
The Gow School, South Wales 

The Ideal School, NYC https://www.theidealschool.org/

The Knox School, St. James https://www.knoxschool.org/

The Learning Experience, NYC http://manhattan.tlechildcare.com/

The Quad Prepatory School, NYC https://www.quadprep.org/

The Randolph School, Wappingers Falls http://www.randolphschool.org/

The Smith School, NYC http://www.smithschool.org/
The Spence School, NYC http://www.spenceschool.org/

The Spotted Zebra Learning Center, Albany http://spottedzebra.org/

The Ursuline School, New Rochelle http://www.ursulinenewrochelle.org/
Trinity-Pawling School, Pawling 

Tuxedo Park School, Tuxedo Park https://www.tuxedoparkschool.org/

Twin Parks Montessori School, NYC 

Tutor Time, Melville 


Twin Parks Montessori School, NYC https://www.twinparks.org/central-park-montessori-school

​Winston Prepatory School, NYC http://www.winstonprep.edu/our-campuses/ny/

​World Cup Nursery School & Kindergarten, Chappaqua https://worldcupnurseryschool.com/

A Child's World Daycare, Thomasville http://achilds-world.com/
Apple Tree Academies, Various Greensboro metro
Asheville School, Asheville http://www.ashevilleschool.org/

Avondale Children's Center, Charlotte http://www.avondalechildrenscenter.com/
Bishop McGuinness High School, Kernersville http://www.bmhs.us/

Black Mountain Academy, Black Mountain https://theblackmountainacademy.com/

Blsessed Sacrament Catholic School, Burlington http://bssknights.org/
Caldwell Academy, Greensboro http://caldwellacademy.org/
Cannon School, Concord http://www.cannonschool.org/

Carmel Christian School, Matthews http://carmelchristian.org/
Cape Fear Academy, Wilmington http://www.capefearacademy.org/index
Carolina Day School, Asheville http://www.carolinaday.org/

Carolina Friends School, Durham http://www.cfsnc.org/

Cary Christian School, Cary https://www.carychristianschool.org/

Charlotte Country Day School, Charlotte https://www.charlottecountryday.org/
Children's Campus, Chapel Hill, Durham

Creative Day School, Greensboro, Winston-Salem,Monroe, Elon
Discovery Village Preschool, Cornelius
Duke School, Durham http://www.dukeschool.org/podium/default.aspx?t=140295
Durham Academy, Durham http://www.da.org/

Emerson Waldorf School, Chapel Hill https://www.emersonwaldorf.org/

Forsyth Country Day School, Lewisville http://www.fcds.org/page

Foundations Early Learning Center, Winston-Salem http://foundationsearlylearningcenter.com/

Friends School of Wilmington, Wilmington http://www.fsow.org/
Gingerbread LittleVersity, Faquay-Varina http://www.fuquaychildcare.com/

Giggles Drop-in Childcare, Cary, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Wilmington http://www.gigglesdaycareinc.com/
Gramercy Christian School, Newport http://www.gramercychristian.org/
Greensboro Day School, Greensboro

Hickory Grove Christian School, Charlotte http://hgchristian.org/

Hope Valley Preschool, Durham http://hopevalleypreschool.com/
Immaculata School, Durham http://www.immaculataschool.org/

International Preschool of Raleigh, Raleigh http://www.ipraleigh.com/
Island Montessri School, Carolina Beach, Wilmington
Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Lake Norman, Huntersville
Metrolina Christian Academy, Indian Trail 

Our Children's House, Greensboro http://www.ourchildrenshouse.com/
Peace Montessori School, Apex

Pine Lake Prepatory School, Mooresville http://www.pinelakeprep.org/

Providence Day School, Charlotte http://www.providenceday.org/

Rainbow Community School, Ashville http://rainbowcommunityschool.org/
Ravenscroft School, Raleigh

Rocky Mount Academy, Rocky Mount https://www.rmacademy.com/page 

Salem Academy, Winston-Salem http://www.salemacademy.com/

Salisbury Academy, Salisbury http://www.salisburyacademy.org/
St. David's School, Raleigh

St. Mark's Catholic School, Wilmington http://www.stmarkcatholicschool.org/
St. Stephens Lutheran School, Hickory http://www.sslswarriors.org/
St. Timothy's School, Raleigh 

The Burlington School, Burlington http://www.theburlingtonschool.org/

The Children's Schoolhouse Montessori School of Wilmington
The Co-op Montessori Preschool, Moorehead City http://www.thecoopmontessori.org/

The Oakwood School, Greenville https://www.theoakwoodschool.org/
The O'Neal School, Southern Pines

Triangle Academy Preschool, Cary http://tapschool.com/
Trinity Episcopal School, Charlotte

Tumblebees Learning Center Preschool, Greensboro 


Vandalia Christian School, Greensboro http://vandaliachristian.com/

Verner Center for Early Learning, Asheville, Candler https://www.vernerearlylearning.org/

Wayne Prepatory Academy, Goldsboro https://www.wpanc.org/

​Woodlawn School, Mooresville http://www.woodlawnschool.net/aurora/index.php

Young Children's Learning Center, Mocksville http://www.youngchildrenslearningcenter.com/

A Bright Future Learning Center, Moosic http://abrightfuturelc.com/content/
ABC Preschool & Daycare, East Stroudsburg, Broadheadsville 
Aardvark Childcare Preschool & Learning Centers, Glen Mils, Primos
Abacus Montessori Academy, Chalfont http://www.abacusmont.com/
Ancona Montessori School, Wynnewood http://www.anconaschools.com/
Archbishop John Caroll High School, Radnor 

Bambi Day School, Lansdale http://www.bambidayschool.com/about.html
Birdsboro Christian Preschool, Birdsboro http://www.birdsborochristianpreschool.com/
Bright Beginnings Child Care Center & Preschool, Limerick 
Brightside Academy, various http://www.brightsideacademy.com/
Brightspot Preschool & Kindergarten, Trappe http://www.brightspotcc.org/

Center School, Abingdon http://www.centerschoolpa.org/
Central Nursery School, Wayne http://www.cnsinc.org/
Delaware County Christian School, Newtown Square http://www.dccs.org/
Delco Early Learning Center, Drexel Hill 

Dilworthtown Christian Preschool, Thornton http://www.dilworthtownpreschool.com/
Discovery Preschool, Emmaus http://www.discoverypreschool.com/
Doodlebugs Children's Learnin Academy, Mars, MCandless 

Edison Early Learning Center, Carbondale http://www.edisonearlylearning.org/

FELS Early Learning Centers, Melrose Park,Wallingford,Elkins Park,Broomall,Blue Bell, Philadelphia https://felskids.org/

Gladwyne Montessori School http://www.gladwyne.org/
Germantown Academy, Fort Washington

Germantown Friends Academy, Philadelphia https://www.germantownfriends.org/

Greene Street Friends School, Philadelphia http://greenestreetfriends.org/

Grier School, Birmingham https://www.grier.org/page

Hazleton Trinity Nursery & Kindergarten School, Hazleton
Harrisburg Academy, Lemoyne https://www.harrisburgacademy.org/

Heritage School, Wayne http://www.heritagekids.org/
Hildebrandt Learning Centers, various http://www.hildebrandtlearningcenters.com/

Hillside School, Macungie http://hillsideschool.org/
Holy Family Academy, Hazleton http://www.holyfamilyacademy.info/
Holy Ghost Prep, Bensalem http://www.holyghostprep.org/

JCC of Pittsburgh, Squirrel Hill, South Hills https://jccpgh.org/

Jewish Day School of the Lehigh Valley, Allentown https://www.jdslv.org/
Kids Unlimited Childcare Center, Lower Gwynedd http://www.kuchildcare.net/
Lansdowne Montessori School, Lansdowne http://lansdownemontessori.com/
Linden Hall School. Lititz http://www.lindenhall.org/

Little Acres Learning Academy, Moscow http://littleacreskids.com/
Little Diddle Preschool, Fort Washington http://littlediddle.net/
Little People Daycare, Kingston, Wilkes Barre http://littlepeopledaycare.com/
Manoa Nursery School, Havertown http://www.manoanurseryschool.com/
​MMI Prepatory School, Freeland

Monrovian Academy, Bethlehem https://www.moravianacademy.org/page

Montessori Community School of Childtowne, Southampton
New Gulph Children's Center, Villanova http://newgulphkids.org/
Oaks Early Learning Center, Oaks

Perkiomen School, Pennsburg https://www.perkiomen.org/

Play and Learn, Various, Phila. Metro http://www.playandlearn.com/

Plumstead Christian School, Plumsteadville http://www.plumsteadchristian.org/

St. James Regional Catholic School, Ridley Park http://www.stjamesregional.com/

St. Joseph's Catholic Academy, Boalsburg http://www.stjoeacad.org/

Stratford Friends School, Newtown Square http://www.stratfordfriends.org/Clue/Home/22364
Tarleton Day School, Berwyn http://www.tarletonschool.com/
The Children's House of Exton Montessori School http://chemontessori.com/

The Agnes Irwin School, Rosemont https://www.agnesirwin.org/

The Ellis School, Pittsburgh https://www.theellisschool.org/

The Hill School, Pottstown http://www.thehill.org/

The Phelps School, Malvern http://thephelpsschool.org/

The Quaker School, Horsham https://www.quakerschool.org/
The School in Rose Valley, Rose Valley http://schoolinrosevalley.org/

The Shipley School, Bryn Mawr http://www.shipleyschool.org/page

The Walden School, Media http://www.thewaldenschool.org/index.html
The Whole Child Learning Center, Elverson http://www.thewclc.com/
Trevose Day School, Feasterville-Trevose http://www.trevosedayschool.com/
Upland Country Day School, Kennett Square http://www.uplandcds.org/page
Valley School of Ligonier, Ligonier 

Windsor Christian Preschool, Eagle http://www.windsorcp.org/

York Country Day School, York https://www.ycds.org/

All Saints Academy, Middletown http://allsaintsacademy.org/
Barbara M. Tufts Cooperative Preschool, East Greenwich
Block Island Early Learning Center, New Shoreham http://www.bielc.org/
Cherry Blossom Journey School, Cumberland http://www.cherryblossomjourneyschool.net/
Countryside Children's Center, Portsmouth http://www.countrysidechildrenscenterri.com/
Discovery Years Learning Center, Warwick 
Early Learning Centers of Rhode Island, various http://www.elcofri.com/
Greenwich Village School, West Greenwich http://www.greenwichvillageschool.com/
Greenwood Montessori School, Warwick http://www.greenwoodmontessori.com/
Growing Children of Rhode Island, Wakefield http://growingchildrenri.com/
Happy Hearts Learning Center, East Greenwich http://www.happyheartskids.com/
Hidden Hills Early Learning Center, Exeter http://www.hiddenhillselc.com/
Littlebrook Child Development Center, Westerly http://littlebrookchild.com/
London Bridge Learning Center, East Greenwich http://www.londonbridgeeg.org/
Middlebridge School, Narragansett 

Mount Saint Charles Academy, Woonsocket https://www.mountsaintcharles.org/page

Mt. Hope YMCA Day Care Center, Providence
Pawtucket Day Child Development Center http://www.fogartycenter.org/childcare.html
Portsmouth Abbey School, Portsmouth 

Providence Country Day School, East Providence http://www.providencecountryday.org/

Rocky Hill School, East Greenwich http://www.rockyhill.org/

St. David's Preschool, Cranston http://stdavidpreschool.weebly.com/

St. George's School, Middletown http://www.stgeorges.edu/

​St. Mary Academy-Bayside, Riverside https://www.bayviewacademy.org/

Shining Star Preschool, Middletown http://www.shiningstarpreschool.com/
Storks Nest Child Academy, Smithfield, East Greenwich, Warwick
Story Land Preschool, Bristol http://www.storylandpreschool.com/
Tender Hearts Child Care & Learning Center, Warwick
The Children's Workshop, various http://www.childrensworkshop.com/
The Gordon School, East Providence https://www.gordonschool.org/

The Pennfield School, Newport http://www.pennfield.org/

The Wheeler School, Providence https://www.wheelerschool.org/page

Wonder Kids, Warwick http://www.myfavoritechildcare.com/

Ashley Hall, Charleston http://www.ashleyhall.org/

Balancing Buddies Preschool, Myrtle Beach
Beaufort Academy, Beaufort http://www.beaufortacademy.org/
Brookland Academy Child Development Center, West Columbia
Calhoun Academy, St. Matthews

Candle Lakes Child Care, Blythewood http://www.candlelakeschildcare.com/index.php
Carolina  Prep School, Greenville

Carolina Kids Child Development Center, Rock Hill, Fort Mill
Charleston Collegiate School, Johns Island 

Christ Church Episcopal School, Greenville https://www.cces.org/

Christian Academy, Myrtle Beach http://www.christianacademyonline.org/
Clemson Montessori School, Clemson http://www.clemsonmontessori.com/
Colleton Prepatory Academy, Walterboro http://www.colletonprep.org/
Conway Christian School, Conway http://www.conwaychristian.com/
Covenant Christian Academy, West Columbia http://www.ccawarrior.net/
Cutie Pies Child Development Center, Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach
Daniel Island Academy, Daniel Island http://www.danielislandacademy.com/
Faith Christian School, Summerville http://www.faithchristiansc.com/
Giggles Drop-In Day Care, Greenville 

Glenforest School, West Columbia http://www.glenforest.org/

Hammond School, Columbia https://www.hammondschool.org/
Heathwood Hall, Columbia http://www.heathwood.org/
Hilton Head Christian Academy, Hilton Head Island 

Lake Carolina Early Learning Center, Columbia http://www.lakecarolinaelc.com/
Londonderry Christian Montessori School, Goose Creek 
Low Country Montessori School, Beaufort http://www.lowcountrymontessori.com/
Montessori School of Anderson, Anderson

Montessori School of Pawleys Island http://pawleysislandmontessori.org/
Oakbrook Prepatory School, Spartanburg

Park Place Children's Center, Simpsonville http://www.parkplacechild.com/

Richard Wynn Academy, Winnsboro http://www.richardwinn.org/
St. Andrew Catholic School, Myrtle Beach http://standrewschoolmb.com/
St. Joseph's Catholic School, Greenville http://www.sjcatholicschool.org/

St. Mary Help of Christians Catholic School, Aiken http://www.stmaryschoolaiken.com/

Socastee Montessori School, Myrtle Beach http://www.socasteemontessori.com/
Spartanburg Day School, Spartanburg http://www.spartanburgdayschool.org/

The Learning Station, Conway http://www.thelearningstation.org/
The Haynsworth School, Greenville http://www.haynsworthprivate.com/
The Sawgrass School, Pawley's Island http://www.sawgrassschool.com/
Thomas Sumter Academy, Rembert http://www.thomassumter.org/
Union Christian Day School, Union http://www.unioncds.org/
Westminster Catabwa Christian School, Rock Hill 

Whetstone Academy, Mountain Rest http://www.whetstoneacademy.com/

Augustine School, Jackson https://augustineschool.org/

Belvoir Christian Academy, Chattanooga  (Pre K3- 8) http://www.bcalions.org/
Briarcrest Christian School, Eads http://www.briarcrest.com/
Central Learning Center, Collierville http://www.centrallearningcenter.com/
Chattanooga Christian School, Chattanooga

Christian Academy of Knoxville http://www.cakwarriors.com/
Columbia Academy, Columbia http://www.cabulldogs.org/
Davidson Academy, Nashville http://www.davidsonacademy.com/
Ezell-Harding Christian School, Antioch

Garden Montessori School, Knoxville http://www.gardenmontessori.org/
GJCC Early Learning Center, Nashville http://www.nashvillejcc.org/early-childhood/

GoodPasture Christian School, Madison https://www.goodpasture.org/
Grace Christian Academy, Knoxville http://www.gcarams.org/
Holly Tree Christian Preschool, Brentwood, Priest Lake
Hutchison School, Memphis

Jewell's Gems Academy, Nashville http://www.jewellsgems.com/
Kid Kountry Learning Center, Spring HIll http://www.kidkountrylearningcenter.com/
Knoxville Montessori School http://knoxvillemontessori.org/
Leaps N' Bounds Enrichment Preschool, Nashville http://www.leaps-n-bounds.com/
Little Bears Preschool, Bartlett http://www.littlebearspreschool.com/
Memphis University School, Memphis

Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville https://www.montgomerybell.edu/

Providence Christian Academy, Murfreesboro http://www.providencechristian.com/

Sacred Heart Cathedral School, Knoxville http://www.shcschool.org/
St. Andrews Sewanee School, Sewanee 

St. George's Independent School, Collierville, Germantown, Memphis http://www.sgis.org/

Southgate Children's Academy, Brentwood http://www.southgatechild.com/

South Haven Christian School, Springfield https://www.shcspatriots.org/
The Gardner School, Nashville http://www.thegardnerschool.com/schools/nashville/
The McCallie School, Chattanooga http://www.mccallie.org/
​The Webb School, Bell Buckle

Trinity Christian Academy, Jackson http://www.tcalions.com/

University School of Jackson, Jackson https://www.usjbruins.org/

University School of Nashville, Nashville https://www.usn.org/

Wesley Day School, Maryville 
Woodland Presbyterian School, Memphis

Woodmont Christian Preschool, Nashville

Annette's Preschool, Hinesburg http://annettespreschool.com/index.shtml
Apple Tree Learning Center, Stowe http://www.appletreelc.com/
Bellcate School, Essex Junction 

Bishop Marshall School, Morrisville http://www.bjams.org/
Blue Mountain School, Wells River http://www.bmuschool.org/
Brattleboro Nursery School, Brattleboro http://www.brattleboronurseryschool.org/
Christ the King School, Burlington http://www.cksvt.org/

Discovery Preschool, South Burlington http://www.discoverypreschoolvt.com/
Evergreen Preschool, Vergennes http://www.evergreenpreschoolvt.com/
Green Mountain Children's Center, Hartford http://www.gmccvt.org/
Green Mountain Montessori School, Essex Junction http://www.gmmontessori.org/
Heartworks Renaissance & Endeavour Schools, Shelburne
Killington Mountain School, Killington 

Lake Champlain Waldorf School, Shelburne
Lincoln Co-Op Preschool, Lincoln http://www.lincolnpreschool.org/
Mid Vermont Christian School, White River Junction http://www.mvcs.info/

Poker Hill School, Underhill http://www.pokerhillschool.org/
Rock Point School, Burlington 

The Children's School, South Burlington http://tcsvt.org/
The Grammar School, Putney

Upper Valley Waldorf School, Quechee http://www.uvws.org/
Mary Elizabeth Preschool, Jeffersonville http://maryelizabethpreschool.org/
Vermont Commons School, South Burlington

Vermont Day School, Shelburne http://vtdayschool.org/

Windsor Early Childhood Education Center, Windsor http://wecec.net/

4R's Preschool, Haymarket http://4rspreschool.com/
A Child's Place, Fairfax http://www.achildsplaceinc.com/ACP/
All Saints Catholic School, Richmond http://www.allsaintsric.org/
Aylett Country Day School, Bruington http://www.acdspatriots.net/
Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, Powhatan http://blessedsacramenthuguenot.org/
Blue Ridge School, St. George http://www.blueridgeschool.com/

Bright Beginnings Preschool, Crozet, Charlottesville http://brightbeginningsva.com/
Browne Academy, Alexandria http://www.browneacademy.org/

Brunswick Academy, Lawrenceville http://www.brunswickacademy.com/

Center Stage Preschool, Ashurn http://centerstageashburn.com/

Children's House of Old Town, Fredericksburg http://www.childrenshouseofoldtown.com/
Christchurch School, Christchurch 

Collegiate School, Richmond http://www.collegiate-va.org/page

Country Woodland School, Springfield http://www.countrywoodland.com/
Episcopal High School, Alexandria https://www.episcopalhighschool.org/page

Flint Hill School, Oakton http://www.flinthill.org/

Foxcroft School, Middleburg https://www.foxcroft.org/

Fredericksburg Academy, Frefericksburg https://www.fredericksburgacademy.org/

Fredericksburg Children's Academy, Fredericksburg
Fresta Valley Christian School, Marshall http://www.frestavalley.org/
Golden Pond School, Ashburn

Grasshopper Green School, Annandale http://www.grasshoppergreen.com/
Hanover Academy, Ashland http://www.hanoveracademy.org/
Hollin Hall, Alexandria http://www.hollinhall.com/
Honey Tree Early Learning Centers, Roanoke http://www.honeytreeelc.com/
Hunter Classical Christian School, Goochland 

Kenwood School, Annandale http://www.kenwoodschool.com/
Loudon Country Day School, Leesburg

Lynnhaven Academy, Richmond http://www.lynnhavenacademy.org/

Meadowbrook Child Development Center, Warrenton
Millstone of Ivy Preschool, Ivy https://millstoneofivy.com/
Montessori Kids Universe, Ashburn 

Reston Montessori, Reston http://www.restonmontessori.com/
Sleepy Hollow Preschool, Annandale http://sleepyhollowpreschool.com/
Sparkles! Child Care Centers, Crystal City, Chantilly, Fairfax, White Oaks, Burke
St. Catherine's School, Richmond

St. James Episcopal School, Warrenton http://www.saintjamesepiscopalschool.org/
St. Margaret's School, Tappahanock http://www.sms.org/

Steward School, Richmond https://www.stewardschool.org/#section=tab1
The Learning Center Child Development Center, Mechanicsville
The Potomac School, McLean https://www.potomacschool.org/

The Red Apple Schools, Stafford http://redappleschools.com/
The Stand School, Prince George http://thestandschool.com/
Walsingham Academy, Williamsburg

Williamsburg Indoor Sports Compex, Williamsburg 

Aidan Montessori School https://www.aidanschool.org/

Archbishop Carroll High School https://www.archbishopcarroll.org/

Beauvior The National Cathedral Elementary School https://www.beauvoirschool.org
Capitol Hill Day School https://www.chds.org/
Edmund Burke School

Georgetown Day School https://www.gds.org/page

Lowell School http://www.lowellschool.org/page
Maret School

St Anselm's  Abbey School https://www.saintanselms.org/

Sheridan School https://www.sheridanschool.org/

The Community Preschool of the Palisades http://www.palisadespreschooldc.org/home.aspx
The Hill Preschool http://www.thehillpreschool.org/


Charleston Montessori School, Charleston https://www.charlestonmontessori.com/

Covenant School, Huntington https://www.covenantschoolwv.org/

Cross Lanes Christian School, Cross Lanes https://crosslanes.org/

Grace Christian School, Huntington https://www.gracesoldiers.net/

Greenbrier Academy for Girls, Pence Springs http://greenbrieracademy.com/

Heritage Christian School, Bridgeport  http://www.hcswv.org/

Playmates Preschool & Childe Development Center, multiple locations http://playmateschildcare.com/

Mountaineer Montessori School, Charleston http://www.mountaineermontessori.org/

Notre Dame High School, Clarksburg http://notredamewv.org/

St. Joseph's High School, Huntington http://stjosephhs.org/

St. Francis Central Catholic School, Morgantown http://stfrancismorgantown.com/

​The Linsy School, Wheeling https://www.linsly.org/page

Trinity Christina School, Morgantown https://tcswv.org/